Wild Berry Incense Sticks

Now it’s fairly unlikely that you will have tried this brand of incense, but Wild Berry incense sticks are becoming more popular – with good reason.

The Wild Berry Incense Company is based in North American, Ohio,  and has been manufacturing incense there for a number of decades. The incense sticks produced by Wild Berry have there own characteristics in that they’re pretty powerful. The range is very extensive, currently around eighty fragrances, and continues to grow.

Wild Berry Incense Characteristics

One of the strengths of the Wild Berry incense sticks range is the powerful aromatic scents that are produced with almost any of the fragrances you care to choose. The content material of the incense sticks produces a very accurate aroma that’s very close to the original source. The cinnamon incense fragrance for example, resembles the sweet smell of ground cinnamon very well.

The wide aromatic range takes in all of the traditional incense fragrances. Here you’ll find all the favourites:

Dragons’ Blood, Frankincense, Lavender, Musk, Myrrh, Patchouli, Rose, Sandalwood and Vanilla.

How are Wild Berry Incense Sticks Made?

Like traditional incense sticks, the process involves the use of resins, oils and essential plant materials formed with a binder to a bamboo wooden stick. However, due to the commercial processing and the large number of incense sticks produced, most of the manufacturing is handled by machines. Smaller operations and more traditional methods use more basic methods including rolling of the incense sticks by hand.

All incense production is carried out in-house in their own factories; not imported, so quality control can be monitored more closely. Wild Berry incense also appears to contain a larger proportion of essential, or natural oils, than many of its competitors. The result is a strong aroma in general.

Where Can I Buy Wild Berry incense Sticks

Although not currently that well known, with Indian incense being more widely used, Wild Berry continues to grow fans of incense users particularly in the UK. The range consists of long incense sticks, ‘shorties’ incense, cones, candles and scented fragrance oils.

You can buy this popular loose incense in retail outlets up and down the UK. Prices vary but expect to pay around £2.00 at current levels for a pack of ten. The easy option is to search online and look for Wild Berry incense reviews and see what other users say about it. My experience gathered from the growing Wild Berry incense stick users, has all been positive.

The larger more commercially produced Wild Berry incense sticks offer a wide range of home fragrances and are well worth trying. Start with a ten stick sampler pack.