Garden Incense Sticks (Biggies)

Wild Berry Garden Incense

If you love your garden then I know you’ll be interested in the new Wild Berry garden incense sticks that have just started to appear online to buy in the UK.

Garden incense sticks are ideal for keeping away bugs or to create a great atmosphere to help you relax after a hard day at work. They’re really easy to use and last for a good few hours. This particular brand of garden incense really took my eye due to the extensive range of scents.

The Wild Berry Incense company have grown steadily and are becoming ever more popular in the UK and with good reason judging by the reviews I’ve read online.

Using Garden Incense Sticks

If you’ve tried burning regular incense sticks at home then you’ll know how many great fragrances you can create. Garden incense sticks work in much the same way except that they’re much bigger, hence the name ‘biggies’, and more powerful than traditional incense.

Garden incense should still be burned safely but it’s a simple case of putting them in a pot or holder in a quiet area of the garden. You can use one or more for a more powerful aroma and then light them up. As soon as the incense stick has been lit you should then blow out the flame and let the incense smoulder. They should last a good few hours so they’re excellent value for money.

Wild Berry Garden Incense Stick Scents

Wild Berry Incense Sticks provide a wide range of good quality incense and have many positive reviews online. As such, I’ll trying these super-sized garden incense sticks this weekend as it looks like a good one.

There are 12 interesting fragrances to choose from:

Cherry Vanilla, Dragon’s Blood , Fizzy Pop, Fresh Rain, Ocean Wind, Opium, Patchouli, Peace of Mind, Sandalwood, Strawberry, Tranquility, Vanilla.

Each garden incense stick pack contains five incense sticks that are 48cm in length. Current prices seem reasonable starting at around £4.00 for what is a good quality brand.

As the Wild Berry Biggies have only just been launched in the UK, there aren’t any reviews online yet for this particular garden incense. I’d trust the quality of these garden incense sticks based purely on the Wild Berry reputation and positive reviews of their other incense.

Wild Berry incense is widely available online for delivery to the UK. I can’t wait to try out these incense ‘monsters’… Role on the Summer I say ;-)

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