Burning Incense Safely

There are millions of incense lovers the world over, but after reading a number of news articles lately, I’m reminded of the importance of burning incense safely. Using a purpose made incense burner or holder is really the only the safe way of burning most incense sticks safely.

Burning incense sticks can be very pleasurable and can create some beautiful aromas around your home. Lately however, I’ve noticed an increase in fires reportedly being started through the burning of incense being left unattended. The latest one that has been attributed to burning incense was one reported in the US.

Incense Sticks – Choosing an Ideal Incense Burner

It’s common sense that any combustible material should never be left unattended and exposed. Incense sticks are no exception. My recommendation is to use an incense box burner for all your incense needs.

Nearly all incense boxes are made from a local wood native to the country it is usually manufactured in, with many coming from India using local resources. The wooden incense box burner can come in a multitude of shapes and designs but the reason for using them is simple – safety.

Many local traditional themes are used in the designs of most incense boxes. Typically in many Indian ones have decorative brass inlays of elephants and spiritual gods.

The decorative wooden incense box provides a decorative focal point and also helps to spread the aromatics around your room safely.

Incense Sticks – Using an Incense Box Burner

Upon seeing many incense holders for the first time, it’s not automatically obvious how you would use them. Most burners have a number of holes drilled on the inside into one or both ends of the burner, like the one featured above, to hold the incense sticks securely.

To burn the incense you simply place the incense sticks inside the box, closing the lid after the incense has been lit. With the lid on the burner closed, not hot parts of the incense stick are exposed meaning it is safer when burning.The incense is then spread around the room through the decorative cut-outs made in the wood.

There are many different types of incense holders you can buy online. My personal preference is still for the incense box burner type because of the safety aspects; just select one that you’re happy with. Essentially, choose one that secures your incense sticks safely and won’t cause a fire hazard.

Never leave any burning incense unattended. Now…where’s my Nag Champa incense

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